15 children with 3 Early Childhood Educators

Program Description

Our Toddler Room follows a 1:5 ratio with an age group ranging from 15 months to 2.5 years of age. This program introduces basic skills such as the alphabet, colors, numbers, speech, motor skills and much more. The teachers are educated in child development; which gives them the skills to develop goals for the young children: social, emotional, cognitive, fine motor, etc. at an age appropriate level. Children will learn basic rules and routines, develop social skills, and enjoy a variety of learning experiences. Each day the toddlers will be exposed to a variety of creative sensory activities including circle time, music, songs, finger plays, books, puppets, fine and gross motor activities, outdoor play and group and individual times.

We encourage our children to develop a sense of self-awareness, and learn about their rapidly changing environment as they develop the skills required to deal with these challenges. We like to promote activities that encourage them to play with other children in small groups, and then slowly introduce them into larger groups. This will give them the ability to learn to play with other children, share ideas, and accomplish activities as a group. We also stress the importance of independence in order to teach them to express individual ideas and to accomplish age appropriate tasks by themselves.

Our Toddler Program is directed towards creating a warm loving family atmosphere in which the children are given many choices, the freedom to move, the chance to try new things and the power to obtain a response to their emotional and physical needs. Each child is prized for being a unique individual worthy of love and personalized care.

Every month we will send home a Monthly Calendar that show what the weekly themes are and events that will be happening in their classroom and our center. As well we send home a monthly detailed progress report every month, showing the child’s development in socio-emotional, cognitive, language, physical, and creative areas. The Progress Report shows what your child worked on for that month and how they did and what they accomplished academically. On a daily basis we send home a Daily Report which shows what your child did, ate and bathroom information throughout the day and various other daily information as well as what they did on their 1-on-1 time with their teacher.

We have a large playground area where the child can play and explore the outdoors on the various toys and equipment. Each class will have their own garden where they will grow and pick their own fruits and veggies. Throughout the year each class will have their own classroom pet which they can feed and take care of.

  • Examples of what we will be doing in the Toddler Program:
  • They will be discovering about themselves and their environment
  • Sorting toys by shape and color and stacking and pulling apart
  • Learning facial features and where they are
  • Make believe and pretend activities through puppet shows, dress-up, tea parties and dramatic play
  • They will play alongside another children and learn to play cooperatively and share.
  • Develop gross, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Learning and Problem Solving
  • Sing and act out songs with simple movements.
  • Story-time and 2 Circle Times (AM and PM)
  • Playing in the sensory table
  • Block Play
  • Naming or identifying objects
  • Following simple directions
  • Playing matching games and using simple puzzles with them.
  • Encourage pretending by providing dolls, housekeeping toys, dress-up clothes, and toy telephones.
  • Introduce art activities such as scribbling, painting with crayons, chalk, and paint and play dough.
  • Easy cooking activities
  • Begin toilet training when they are ready.
  • Encourage the development of routines.
  • Speech Development and Sound Imitation/Play Activities
  • Music and Movement
  • Sign Language
  • Using familiar gestures (waving) and common expressions
  • Feeding and dressing themselves
  • Constant praise and encouragement

Toddler Schedule

Throughout the year:

  • During the year, we will be providing the children with new and exciting experiences like incubating chick eggs, butterfly cocoons, spinning sheep’s wool, examining plants, classroom pets, etc. We will be teaching about science, nature and the environment. We will be helping children come up with ways to protect, respect and have compassion for our earth and animals.
  • We encourage the children to take an active role in preserving the environment with our recycling and composting programs, animal feedings, gardens of: vegetable, fruits, and flowers.
  • From the children’s garden they will pick the fruits and vegetables and we will use them in our lunch and snacks and the flowers we will place around our center! We will be going on nature walks and exploring our surroundings.
    We will study what other children in other countries look like and how they live. We will study toys, dolls, musical instruments, clothes and artifacts from around the world. We will also eat for lunch/snacks their native foods.
  • We celebrate our and other countries Holidays! We will get the children
    dressed in traditional clothes, learn about the culture, languages, try their Holiday food/treats, decorate the center, etc.
    We will take trips: to pick fruits/veggies, visit the farm and animals, nature walks, fire/police department, museums, art and dance classes, etc.
  • We will have different visitors to the center who will: bring exotic animals, show us about different nationalities, cooking classes, singing, art, dance classes, digging for “dinosaur” bones, Magicians, various characters, Clowns, etc
  • Cooking classes for all ages
  • Annual family gatherings
  • Class concerts
  • Monthly fun days i.e. crazy hair day, pajama day, colour days, etc

Please get a copy here of your programs’s Monthly Calendar, Program Plans and Monthly Menu.

What to Bring:

  • Indoor shoes and Outdoor shoes
  • Blanket for sleep time/doll or stuffed animal
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Extra underwear if in training
  • Bag to hold all their items

*Please label all of your child’s items