16 children with 2 Early Childhood Educators

Please take a look at the Preschool Program description as that information is used in our Pre-JK Program as well!

Program Description

Our Pre-JK Room follows a 1:8 ratio. The age group in this classroom is 3.5 years to 6 years of age. This classroom is for children that will be starting Kindergarten within a year. The difference between the Preschool Program and the Pre-JK Program is that the Pre-JK Program is more advance and the children will receive more one-on-one time to ensure that they have the knowledge they need to excel once they are in school!

The Pre-JK program is intended to support children in building an educational foundation that seeks to prepare them for a successful academic future. The focus of the Pre-JK program is to develop the following: oral language, prerequisite skills for emergent readers, early math concepts, and readiness skills for successful entry into a kindergarten program.

Not only are we committed to seeing children reach their full educational potential, but we also desire to meet the developmental needs of our students. We believe children learn through play and will provide an active learning environment for our students that will support their cognitive, social/emotional and physical development. Children will participate in hands-on activities, as well as explore, create, investigate and socialize with one another. Through thematic units and play centers, students will be engaged in opportunities to develop life skills and problem solving skills, as they learn about good manners, treating one another with respect and getting along.

With our small groups, we will be able to focus on each unique talent, need, and aspiration. We will provide a safe environment so that your child’s natural sense of curiosity can be unleashed. Children who have known respect will value themselves and others – and, if the magical early steps of discovering are accentuated with enjoyment, children will thrive!

Pre-JK Schedule

Our Center is set up to appeal to young people and organized so that your child will have full use of their room, which offers them plenty of room to play, learn and explore.

Examples of what we will teach your child:

  • Counting to 30 and to recognize the numerals
  • Know Primary Colours and Shapes
  • Days of the week and Months of the year
  • Provinces of Canada
  • Sight Words from our Sight Word Wall
  • Writing their name, letters and numbers
  • Upper and lower case recognition and Letter sounds
  • Basic sounding out of small words

Please get a copy here of your programs’s Monthly Calendar, Program Plans and Monthly Menu.

What to bring:

  • What to Bring
  • Indoor shoes and Outdoor shoes
  • Blanket for sleep time/doll or stuffed animal
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Extra underwear if in training
  • Bag to hold all their items

*Please label all of your child’s items