A Child’s First Steps is located in Orangeville. We are an academic-based Center that has combined the 3 best learning curriculums into 1: High Scope, Montessori and the Enriched Method!

We offer Toddler, Preschool and Pre-JK programs for ages 15 months to 6 years old. Our Curriculum reflects the interests, strengths and needs of each child using a variety of rich materials, equipments and experiences that are used in group learning and individual one-on-one time with their teacher. Each child is valued as an individual that learns at their own pace and is taught based on that concept through visual, auditory and hands on learning.

A Child’s First Steps is dedicated to providing an environment that provides learning opportunities and promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

In a creative yet structured learning environment, your child will be introduced to numbers, letter/phonics, science, music, math, computers, gross/fine motor development, self-care skills and more!

Children are excited about learning when they have a role in guiding the curriculum. Our teachers listen closely to the children in their care and based on these interests, the children and teachers will develop classroom projects . Some project topics might include dinosaurs, space travel, birds, pirates, and babies.

The fun and learning that takes place during these projects is displayed on classroom walls through photos, dialogue, and artwork. These displays give the children the message that their interests and ideas are taken seriously and that memories of important experiences should be preserved. You will be given a window into your child’s experiences and you are encouraged to participate, drop by and visit. We believe children should be in small intimate groupings with a primary caregiver where they can build trusting relationships in order to feel secure enough to explore the world around them. Caregivers should be supportive, sensitive and interested observers; using those observations as an ongoing process so that children can be given the opportunities to succeed at their own level of development. Each child is valued as an individual and is encouraged at the earliest age to become a responsible, independent, productive, problem solving person.

Large and small group activities involve participation in learning centers such as dramatic play, arts and crafts, sensory, cooking, woodworking, large and small motor activities, outdoor play and special field trips. The teachers strive to provide a curriculum that focuses on the whole child and will help to prepare them for the school system. Lesson plans are available for parents to review at all times, in each room as well as on bulletin boards.

Monthly we will be sending home a calendar that outlines the weekly program set out for that month. Our daily schedule and monthly calendar is different for each age group and can be found to view in the Parents login section and a sample daily schedule will be in the Toddler, Preschool and Pre-JK outlines.

Each child daily will have 1 on 1 time with a teacher from their class. The same teacher will do their daily lesson to continue their learning process and know where the child needs help on and what they have already mastered.

We Offer:

  • Full-time and part-time programs.
  • Open Monday-Friday 6:30am to 6pm.
  • Licensed childcare 15 months – 6 years.
  • All meals prepared on-site by cook and a menu conforming to the Canada Food Guidelines.
  • Qualified Early Childhood Educators to ensure that your child receives the benefits of a caring facility and a stimulating program.
  • Morning snack, hot lunches and mid-day snack.
  • Richly equipped classrooms for optimum learning.
  • Large playground areas with lots of toys and equipment.
  • Monthly calendars will be sent home with weekly learning themes.
  • There will be a structured learning daily routine with different aspects of the day shown e.g. Phonics time, Arts and Crafts, Writing practice, etc.
  • Each child daily will have a minimum of 15 mins with a teacher for one-on-one time to work on specifics that your child needs help on!
  • Monthly report cards will be sent home with your child’s progress in different areas e.g. gross motor, math skills, language, etc.
  • Daily Reports will be sent home telling of what your child did in the day, ate for the day, potty progress, what they did on their one-on-one time, etc.
  • Enhanced ECE programs with creative and language arts, music, dramatic play and computer.

Our students will enjoy an educational experience that encourages and fosters respect for oneself and others, honesty, cooperation, empathy, compassion and a lifelong love of learning! Positive learning experiences in a child’s “early years” will enhance their self-esteem and social skills. In order to promote growth in all areas, emphasis is placed on each child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. Children are encouraged to increase their awareness of others and gain appreciation and acceptance of differences. The younger years are the most important part of a child`s life and therefore we need to allow them to absorb as much as they can so they can have the fundamentals that they need to achieve greatness in later life!

A Child’s First Steps Child Care Center is a unique vision where we strive to be:

  • Like a Private School where we teach your child progressively and they have daily lessons. We will have monthly report cards and daily communication sent home to you.
  • Like a Daycare Center where we follow and adhere to the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Education in the CCEYA.
  • Like a Montessori School where we believe and follow many of the teachings of Maria Montessori.
  • Like your home where the atmosphere and design is warm and inviting and the teachers are loving, patient and truly care! We want our center to be like your child’s second home where they feel comfortable and safe!

A Child’s First Steps Child Care Center has all these aspects rolled into one environment that will help your child take their first steps into learning!

The 3 curriculum methods that we use are implemented throughout different parts of the day!

High Scope Method | Montessori Method | Enriched Method

Classrooms will have a:

  • Sensory Center
  • Book Center
  • Block Center
  • Creative Area
  • Learning Area
  • Pretend Play Area
  • Toy Center
  • Cognitive Center (e.g. numbers, colours)
  • Science / Interest Tables
  • Computer Center (Preschool and Pre-JK)

Check out what our Center looks like and where the classrooms are:

Floor Plan